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In the following questionnaire, we will ask you about your interaction with technical systems. The term ‘technical systems’ refers to apps and other software applications, as well as entire digital devices (e.g. mobile phone, computer, TV, car navigation).

Please indicate the degree to which you agree/disagree with the following statements.

I like to occupy myself in greater detail with technical systems.
I like testing the functions of new technical systems.
I predominantly deal with technical systems because I have to.
When I have a new technical system in front of me, I try it out intensively.
I enjoy spending time becoming acquainted with a new technical system.
It is enough for me that a technical system works; I don’t care how or why.
I try to understand how a technical system exactly works.
It is enough for me to know the basic functions of a technical system.
I try to make full use of the capabilities of a technical system.